MEDL Janice Jensen 

Change Management Leader

MEDL. Janice Jensen

Change Management 

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  Change the lived of Troubled Teens 



  Change the lived of Troubled Teens 

Bringing Health & Healing

To my favorite people, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Sales, any area of Real Estate.

Join to collaborate on how we can change the lives of troubled teens here in the USA


THOUGHTS & SCIENCE                    READING IS THE KEY             SPEAKING FOR TROUBLED TEENS                     SKYDIVING     

Main Target Areas Listed Below

along with SO much more

Emotional Intelligence

Feeling Therapy

Do teens feel judged by their outward behavior? Would they enjoy a community where it's safe to share vulnerable? How do they truly feel? Each person has unique emotions, the language of you. We are all unique, and together we start on a journey of decoding your specific 

emotional self-talk.

  • Recognize
  • Understand
  • Labeling
  • Expressing
  • Regulating
 Emotions speak to your unfilled needs. We question these needs, are they real? When did these needs start? Unfortunately, the negative signals stick. We pay attention to our inner self with love. We will guide clients with a very empathic active listening ear. 



Movement Therapy

Body Wisdom

 We are working together to understand your unique shape and LOVE your body! Together we are actively engaging in YOUR needs with awareness, knowledge, understanding. What are YOUR body needs? We discover your specific needs for sleep, exercise, and diet. The health & wellness business has us running everywhere; try this, do that. Together we will begin a journey learning your specific unique needs, then guide you, coach you along the way to an excellent personal body intelligence.

Energy Healing

Breathe Work

Breathe work, just counting your breathing, breathing through your nostrils, if possible. Sitting up straight, the crown of the head lifted to the Universe and tail bone rooted to Mother earth, spine straight. 

 Relax, roll your shoulders. 

 Take a few deep breathes in and out. Focus on counting, say four breathes in, hold four counts, release four counts. J's fav 4-7-8 and

  • In Out
  • Deep Slow
  • Calm Release
  • Smile Release