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MEDL Janice Jensen 

Founder The REAL Charm School TM 

Currently Interviewing Experts in these areas

1) Nutrition 2) Physical Body 3) Heart Emotional Feelings 4) Neuroscience Brain 5) Soul Energy Beyond

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Janice helps🚶🏽people 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏽 acquire 

healthy 🥗 physical 💃🏽 💪🏼 & mental 🧠 habits


🧘🏻‍♀️ movement therapy with 🎨painting 🎨🧑‍🎨 

and so much more

Best are live interactions online and in person in the western states of 

Wyoming, Colorado, 

New Mexico, & 

her ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. 

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Janice’s speed of building trust virtually Harvard Business Review March 25, 2021, reflects in her virtual ease. 

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Happiness is Energy

Energy is Happiness 

As a person you can change ___________ Who?

You can heal who? Only yourself.

By changing YOU, the relationship(s) will change

If you want to change the relationship with your _________you must first change yourself!

This is what we call          "A Powerful Opinion"

Training and certification in Movement Therapy with Painting are available online for all therapists, yoga teachers, and educators.

Anyone wishing to receive certification to teach/share this beautiful expression of self-discovery with your friends & clients.

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