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MEDL Janice Jensen

Five 💎Facet People

Guaranteed Change is the purpose.

 Learn and Grow, explore, dream, create, discover.

     I work with people who see worth in themselves, my job is to guide you to go within to bring up and out to life the true and authentic YOU. We want results! We need results, desire, and direction, determination. Together we will master the mind. We will discover your EI & BI, Emotional Intelligence, and Body Intelligence. We will have FUN, fun, fun creating evolutionary changes.

      I am a very motivational, mysterious, and creative creature. My job is to create a 💎diamond. What does it take to create and  💎diamond? Pressure and heat and a true desire to change. Sticking to the clear plan, persistence. I will guide you on how to create a plan, and a clear vision statement to become an unstoppable force for your own life.  

 Janice Jensen Biography

Baby boomers Mindset Coach

Janice Jensen, halfway to doctorate and author with forty years of experience in the health, wellness, and education industry. She helps people acquire healthy mental & physical habits by incorporating mindset, emotional & body intelligence. Her love is to bring baby boomers from confusion to crystal 💎clear dreams, visions to reality.

With dedication and determination, she resigned from her passion for teaching adolescents in North Las Vegas, where along with fire drills, the school also drilled “stop drop and roll” for drive-by shootings. She moved with her young girls to a remote ranch in Texas, where she physically built her own home. With no hope of a teaching job in small-town Texas, she started living the life of an entrepreneur. Janice had taught thousands of students in Vegas how to become entrepreneurs now; it was her turn.

She is the creator and founder of Personal Expressions Retreat, a top-rated non-profit for women who were official crime victims. From empowering these ladies, she branched out to everyone who has a desire to change. Forty years of experience in the education, healing, and wellness industry has made Janice an expert in the field of empowerment. Going inward and bringing outward power never quitting a committed attitude.

Notable Achievements

Masters degree in Educational Leadership, UNLV

Accepted for Ph.D. Educational Leadership; Health & Wellness, ACE

Trained & certified in the art of guided meditation; Brahma Kumaris Abu Dhabi, UAE

E500 certification RYT 500+ hours Documented Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

IKYTA 220 hours certification, Kundalini Yoga Rishikesh, India w/ Vishnu & Gurmuck.

Five 💎Facet ™ Coaching

Speaker at the Women to Women’s conference

After a traumatic, debilitating accident while playing roller derby in Abu Dhabi resulted in permanent denervation, Janice chose mind over matter and refused to take over-the-counter pain management and steroids. Instead, she chose to let her body come back to her through movement therapy. Today Janice helps others elevate their personal mindset by guiding them inwards using Movement Therapy with Painting. She teaches the tools needed and elevates the mind to restore or advance lives—training and certification in Movement Therapy with Painting available.

Thousands of learners have participated in her training programs and seen a positive shift in their lives. Janice is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise so we may all live in the light of true joy.

Desire to expand her healing to the world. She prefers live interactions online, in person at the ranch.

Janice’s speed of building trust virtually Harvard Business Review March 25, 2021, reflects in her virtual ease. 

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